Christian Soto is one of the most aggressive players you’ll come across. This New Jersey grinder came up playing the underground poker scene in NYC, and today spends most of his time at Parx. Learn more about Christian below:

Chin Soto

Where is your original hometown, and where do you call home now?

I’m from North Bergen, NJ. (Across the river from NYC) Today, I split my time between North Bergen and wherever the best game is, which is usually at Parx Casino in Pennsylvania.

Where specifically are we most likely to see you playing cards these days?

Parx in PA or Borgata in Atlantic City

When and how did you start playing poker?

We can say I’m a “Moneymaker Baby”, and that’s how I got into poker. After that, I started attending shady underground poker games; no fear really.

When and how did you decide to play poker professionally/seriously?

One day, I simply just found myself playing poker 4-5 days a week. Then before I knew it, I was living at Borgata.

What do you consider your proudest poker achievements?

I’ve ran pretty deep in couple tournaments but I play cash so they aren’t any trophies to brag about; just hand histories. I do have a couple of big time hands to boast about, but some of proudest moments came from getting a nod of approval from some the best No Limit players you all know about.

When and how did you start coaching others?

I’ve never truly enjoyed coaching until recently. I felt like I was giving away too much information and making the game harder. Sometimes, I still feel this way. With that said, I started taking students selectively about two years ago.

What is your coaching specialty? Do you consider yourself a ‘specialist’ in any games?

I teach No Limit Hold ‘Em. But then again, who doesn’t? The truth is, I teach No Limit like no one else. I know professional poker players that simply aren’t that good, and spend money to travel the circuit. I show my students the path to success and where it is the professionals and grinders make their mistakes. I teach how to beat the guys who play everyday because the bad players just beat themselves.

What is your goal in providing coaching through Red Chip Poker?

The goal with Red Chip is to show our members how to play this game correctly. A glimpse to what my students get from me in learning and the horror my opponents face.

Please share a coaching success story with us:

I’m proud of all my students. I don’t want to single out any story, and make the rest feel less worthy. As a unit, I’ll place my money on them versus any other group of students at the same level.

Do you have a professional career/background outside of poker?

Parents own a Tax Firm, so I find myself there often. I assume I’ll be taking over that at some point unless there is some surprise in the will.

What are your favorite hobbies and pursuits outside of poker?

I go to the movies a lot! However, I only go to theaters with leather reclining seats. I’m also a foodie.

Can you link us to all of the books you’ve written?

I wrote RedChipPoker: Late Position alongside two other authors. It was fun, and I gave away a lot of information for cheap. Obviously, good for you guys.

Anything random we should know about you?

My nickname is Chin. I’ll say how that came about:

Everyone would call me Chris, being short for my real name Christian. However, I hated that. Eventually, someone along the line would forget my name and call me Christopher. That made my blood boil and I then forced everyone to call me Christian! One day, my friends gathered and solved the problem by calling me by the second syllable of my name, which sounds like Chin.

Now the problem is some think I’m Asian because of the name Chin. No solution found yet.

Rapid Fire Fun Questions

Favorite color: Blue looks good on me so I’ll go with that

Favorite starting hand: The Six combos of Aces obviously.

Favorite poker room: Borgata. Beautiful room but their plastic chips are unshuffable.

Last song you listened to: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Waffles or pancakes: IHOP Pancakes

Favorite drink: Long Island Ice Teas. (Talking Liquor)

Favorite thing to cook: Come on now…

Do you have a lucky object?: My rail brings me luck. I have great friends.

Favorite board game: Monopoly of course.

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