Now I skipped a week because there weren’t many times to play that week, had a really busy week, I think I played less than 8 hours that week. However, last time I put in a decent amount of volume I went on a downswing. So how are we doing now?

Let’s take a look:

rello graph

As you can see, I pretty much did an awesome job bouncing back. There is some noticeable things, well in this case a noticeable thing, about my game that I want to point out.


Basically, we all know the theory right? Sacrifice win rate to gain hourly rate and finding that sweet spot. Well for me, I always loved the idea of putting in volume and being able to play a lot more hands. I’m comfortable at playing 12 tables max without timing out; exhausting myself and all those signs that multi-tabling may be bad. However, my hourly rate and win rate is still not that amazing compared to when I decide to take things slow. A lot of the times I blamed not having enough hands and volume at each to make a good comparison but there is a trend that popped up that pretty much made me think this whole week.

When putting in hours, playing 6 tables does me wonders vs playing 9 tables or even 12 tables. My only answer to why this may be so is because when putting in hours, taking my time and making correct decisions will trump trying to turn over hands. Somehow it feels like this theory is wrong because in general if I could get in more situations where I get paid off 2x as much I should be making more. However, I never stop to think about how paying more blinds affect my game, especially multi-tabling where I have to tighten up a bit more, how picking spots become mediocre because I’m not watching players as much and even more important, pushing that extra marginal line because I don’t want to work myself as hard when I could just wait and make easier decisions on other tables.

(Note by marginal line, I simply mean taking a spot where by default it would be an easy decision but base on reads, information, etc. I make another play.)

So I am trying to wrap my head around how I feel going forward trying to put more hours in multi-tabling. I feel like if it was a short burst session then I could fire up like 12 tables or something but to sit and grind it out, less tables yields better results. That’s basically my theory for me as of right now. My results in the past also back this up and maybe I might need to record some sessions or something where I can look at what things im noticeably doing wrong when I mass multi-table.

Continuing on…


As you can see, I ran about break-even at my regular stake. I tried to mix in some 6-max I felt like my 6-max game might have been off some so I decided to get some hands in and I did pretty well. Might get some heads up in soon, since heads up was my bread and butter one time ago, definitely don’t want to get rusty there.

Hands of the week:

I’m going to hold back on a lot of hands right now basically because they get more views in the forum itself but more importantly because as I start to interact with more members I realize how precious my thought process and study is, so I’m going to invest more time and effort into sharing it with members of my study group and in the forums just for right now and probably look to change it later on as the blog grows.

(I know you all want those video hand reviews 🙁 but I promise you I’m not just turning you guys around, if you join my study group you will see why I am taking this route)

As of now my study group is pretty much small, have a few people here and there joining. I want to take this time to invite others to join in as well. Maybe I might start a video series, keep it strictly on Red Chip Poker, where it can be more public but that’s just an idea until I talk to someone from Red Chip Poker. So if you want to join in PM me in the forums: Rello242

P.S. I am preparing to move from Carbon Poker and since carbon poker has a long cash out period, I am going to start the process at the end of the month, so I can have it on Black Chip Poker by August. While I am currently home in the Bahamas for the summer, when I make the cash-out I will continue this series on a next poker site between pokerstars, full-tilt or 888poker until I go back to the US.

I want to thank my audience so far in sharing taking their time to participate in the polls, even though small, it means a lot to get some sort of feedback.

Poll of the week:

  • persuadeo

    Ha! not much of a downswing at all… too easy for you to win.