Ready to test your preflop poker skills?

This quiz contains 15 questions to exercise your preflop muscles and see how you perform in these common situations. The average score is just 82%…

The gold in this quiz isn’t so much with the actual score you get…rather the report you get emailed to you. In that report you will see what other poker players would do in these exact same spots so you can compare your answers to the player pool’s. This is useful for a couple things:

  1. You can see which lines are nearly universal and “standard” (look for spots where one answer dominates all others)
  2. You can see which spots are more variable (look for spots where 2-3 answers are selected evenly)


(the algorithm for scoring is a hybrid between my personal answers and the answers given by the community)

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  • Knampf

    Shouldn’t you write if it is live poker, online zoom or standard?
    By the way, where can I see from when the article is?

    • Knampf

      Ok, I know now where I can see from when an article is.

    • James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

      Good poker decisions are good poker decisions…it doesn’t matter if the hand was played online at 10NL or $2/$5 live =)

  • @River_Princess_

    interesting to see answers which do not reflect mine; My overall impression is I’m either LAG or the respondents are a little nitty. Example: on question #6: the QQs not 3 bet – readers need the when to 3-bet QQs article.

    I would be interesting for SplitSuit to provide a follow up to his answers and why

    • Chances are the average quiz-taker is on the nittier side of the spectrum tbh. And I’ll see if I can make time to create a follow-up video/analysis on the spots – though it would likely be after WSOP =)

      • Chad

        thanks split. I’ve binged all your podcasts in last week or so. Any suggestions for best online poker sites to play cash? I’m unsure what the laws are and want to go with something more reputable. thechad

        • James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

          Thanks Chad! Glad to hear you are enjoying the podcast! I’m not really playing online right now – so I’d suggest asking this in the forum to get a better answer =)

  • Clarence

    Scored 50.6%…clearly I need to read up a lot more.

    • If you haven’t already, take a trial of our PRO Membership and watch Ed’s The Course Playlist…then try again =)

  • Joe

    I found the quiz to be more robotic in nature rather than dynamic in the sense of there being potential profitable spots with having of reads, knowing the in game dynamics, etc. To me, it taught more ABC poker than anything else…

    • I can see that. But far too many players only want to try and give an answer if they have perfect information and exact dynamic info…which tbh rarely exists especially for live players.

  • Stefan

    Thanks for the quiz 😀 scored 89.3%
    Are there more of these quizes available?

  • rhett myers

    i scored 90.5

    does that mean correct answers or 90.5% of my answers were the most popular answers

    • The actual scoring algorithm is a mix of my personal answers and the player pool’s answers. Anything above 90% is solid =)

  • Billy J. Hendrix

    Chose to fold 33 out of position with a substantial raise with 2 callers. Over 60% chose to call. Getting 4-1 pot odds v. 7-1 hitting set. Not seeing the value of calling. What am I missing?

    • You will rarely have outright pot odds to setmine – so implied odds are the name of the game in this situation =)

  • Sido

    I got all the right answer and a score of 95 why ?

  • Carl

    I see how most players answered, but where can the correct, or optimal answers be found? Scored 92..8 by the way…and i realize i am too nitty most of the time.

    • We don’t have an exactly answer key for this quiz given any information can lean these spots one way or the other. The overall playerpool answers are a guiding light if nothing else so you can see how your answers compare to the pool =)

  • Sean Ward

    Hey, Split…I got all of these correct, but my score is only 86.5. What is the score based on? Thanks

    • James "SplitSuit" Sweeney

      Hey Sean. The exact scoring algorithm is a mixture between my own answers and the player pool’s answers – and there is partial credit as well. Sounds like you got quite a few partial answers – but anything about 80% is solid on this quiz =)

  • Albert A

    That was fun. I enjoy seeing what others think. I scored 83.3%. I agonized over #7 w/AJo. I felt it was a 3bet or fold. Surprised 39% called. #9 w/AKs I liked my pos and suitedness and I wanted to disguise my hand. I guess for the purpose of this quiz it was a raise. # 15 I would have raised to $12 but it wasn’t an option so I chose the more aggro $16! Great exercise, thanks:)

    • James Sweeney

      Great job Albert – glad it got you thinking!

  • Don

    Hi ya James…

    Typo in the opening sentence… “The gold in this quiz” I think that should be The GOAL

    Take care, Don

    • James Sweeney

      Hey Don. I actually did mean the gold in the quiz/results =)

  • Brandon

    96.2%….wonder what i lost points for. 😮

  • Nenad

    AJ 3bet to 50 while i have stack of 280 and before my action there is a raise and a call out of position? Sorry sir but AJ is not THAT STRONG! only bad play there indeed.

    • James Sweeney

      Are you concluding that you should only 3bet the nuts in that scenario? If so, doesn’t that allow players to read you very easily in that spot?

  • Dawn

    New podcast listener here. I’m really enjoying listening to them.
    I took the quiz and the link I received via email to view the full report is not working.
    Just a heads up.

  • Robert

    95% O wow

  • Charles Claydon

    Have attempted quiz twice and crashed before receiving answers. Completed the second time. Is there any other way of getting my results?



    • Kat Martin

      Not one that I can think of. I’m more alarmed the quiz is crashing. Have you tried a different browser? Most of our stuff is most stable with Chrome.