So it has officially been a week since I started this series and I must say I am pretty motivated and hyped up about it. This week it has been more casual grinding but I wanted to focus more on grinding some casual hours and getting some decent volume in.

So straight into the results:

So a quick breakdown about this week

I usually play at 50NL, 25NL & 10NL. Mixing it up with multi-tabling sometimes playing 6 tables, 9 tables or 12 tables, depending on traffic and how I am feeling. Usually I kick back to a 6 tabling when I want to focus on booking a win over volume, to try maximize my edge and pay attention a bit more and all those small things and of course when I feel like I am playing at my best alongside volume I just want to get close to 12 tables as possible. I don’t exceed that because I like multi-tabling on 1 monitor and anything over 12 compacts my tables too much.

50NL:                         25NL:                         10NL:

Hands: 2k                 Hands: 6.8K             Hands: 2.4K
Won: $121               Won: $27                 Won: $5

Total Hours: 15 Hours
Hourly Rate: $9.82/HR

Ok while I don’t emphasize much on the details I am trying to improve my game in terms of hours I play so it’s only right that I keep tabs on this.

Now let’s get into some of the notable hands of the week. I won’t have much comments about these hands so if you want to open up a discussion, feel free to post about it or comment or just hit me up if you must.


Biggest Pot Won for the week:

Biggest hand Rank for the week:

Biggest Pot Lost for the week:

Biggest Cooler for the week:


Not much notable hands for this week but there will be more than a few I’m sure that will come along.

Basically I want to get my feet wet this week, get some of my content out there and have good solid goals into future series. What I would like to know from you guys this week is how do you like the basic format of this series and the length of this post? Should I post a bit more? Elaborate on certain things more? Is this good enough? Interact with me and leave comments I’m eager to hear what you all have to say. Criticism is also allowed of course. I really was thinking about posting more but I want to ease it in there as we progress so hopefully I know which direction I should take moving forward.

This week goals:

  • 20+ Hours of poker grinding
  • More volume at 50NL

So basically I want to get more hands in at my regular limit so im looking to start tables and have some more heads up play in there.

Now before I close up RCSOP #1 I would like to include some interactive polls that you will be able to see every week so be sure to take part in it, it means a lot to me. Either way, I hope to my viewers that you are enjoying this so far and I hope it motivates you as well to do well in poker. So until next week, good luck grinding and I hope to hear from you all.


Poll of the week:

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  • persuadeo

    So in the QQ hand, why do you flat the turn lead leaving little behind?

    I’m a little surprised by your 1/2 pot bet sizing, which seems to be more of a live play than an online type. Care to explain your style here?

    • Rello

      I honestly can’t remember why i flat the turn, all i do remember it had something to do with the player behind. I 1/2 in 3bet pots & Multiway pots. 3bet pots is much more simpler from the SPR ratio and i choose to do bet 1/2 pot because its more room to play poker but multiway pot the reason is from a mathematical point of view. To simplify it, betting into multiple people is almost always terrible. Even so, having a hand helps but even then its not a great situation. More people = Less Equity… More people = Less folding… There is too much situation where betting 3/4 pot is borderline with just a pair being just about break-even +EV. What i discovered is if in general people will more likely have a strong continuing range then betting 1/2 pot is much better and does the same thing, and if it ever encourages a weaker range to continue, then im down for it taking that variance. The flip side to both of these situation is i do not want to have bet sizing tells. It something just to noticeable even for people who don’t pay attention to pick up on. The 3bet pots with 1/2 betting is to encourage more poker for me so i can play more 3bet pots. The multiway pot is more like equity protection when i have a hand since i rarely bluff here but when i do have a lock down hand then i tend to balance this off here.