Ross Glover is author of the upcoming strategy masterwork Unbeatable Poker. He drops by the podcast this week, taking us behind the scenes on the journey of authoring a poker strategy book. He shares his experiences as a serious student and sage of the game. Many winning poker players create their own unique system to dominate the game, and Glover’s approach synthesizes the best poker strategy of the last decades into a single fascinating framework.

Note: As of the writing of these show notes (2/11), Unbeatable Poker is expected to be published in the near future and will be available on Amazon. We’ll try to keep you posted!

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  • Lee Nave

    Seems the book is still not out yet? Website ( isn’t live, nothing on Amazon. Twitter link in the show notes above is also incorrect 🙂

  • Anthony Espinoza

    How soon is soon? the end of the month or later?

  • Kat Martin

    Thanks, the Twitter link is updated. For production reasons this and other podcasts were recorded in a batch a while ago. Sorry our estimate of the publication date was off. I’ll update here when the book is available and also on the forum.

  • Gregg Shadle

    Thank you!

  • Anthony Espinoza


  • Gio

    Sounds awesome,can’t wait:D Would the book still be suitable for players with wider ranges?

    • Kat Martin

      The general principles of range advantage will apply, but the details of the continuance ranges require adopting the Nit 100.

  • persuadeo

    Sample of writing in article/forum?

    • Kat Martin

      I can suggest Ross provides an article.

  • Barbara

    where can one find the Nit 100info?

    • Kat Martin

      If you mean info on the book, I’ll announce here and via our various social media accounts when it’s available. If you mean the range itself, it’s: 99+, A9s+, KQs, QJs, AQo+, KQo

  • Lee Nave

    Website is up, pre-release copy of book is available:

    • Kat Martin

      Thanks, Lee.

  • William Donovan

    Any update on release date?

    • Kat Martin

      I’ll post asap once I know.

  • Scott Samarel

    Ross mentioned a red chip poker thread that had aggregated most profitable hands by position, or maybe just early position. Is it possible to find a link to the thread he was talking about?

    • Kat Martin

      I believe what you’re referring to is the Nit100 which was the range of hands from EP through HJ showing a profit on Advanced Poker Training. The range is: 99+,A9s+,KQs,QJs,AQo+,KQo

  • Daniel

    Billy The Kid died over a bad beat at 3-6 limit.

  • Procedure

    Is this book still coming out?

    • Kat Martin

      A pre-release version is available from the author.

  • David Patteson

    is this book never going to happen?