Can you defeat our pros at their own game?


Poker coaching site Advanced Poker Training (APT) gives you the opportunity to step inside the brightest minds in poker to see how they think about the most important situations in tournaments and cash games.

First you watch a video reviewing a particular poker concept. Then you play several hands related to that concept. After reviewing your own play for weaknesses, you then relive the hands and compare every action to what the pro did with that exact hand, in each exact spot. Audio commentary makes each pro’s reasoning crystal-clear. It’s like playing a real money game online, with the world’s greatest coach over your shoulder. Except you don’t have to pay them by the hour — or risk real money at the table.

It’s no hyperbole to say this innovation is changing the way people are learning poker, if not also speeding the process up through a sort of “virtual coaching”. Red Chip Poker was not going to be left out of something exciting like that, and that’s why four of our coaches are representing on the site as we speak. Ed Miller, James “Splitsuit” Sweeney, Doug Hull and Jonathan Little all are featured doling out strategy for clutch poker situations that will come up time and again. And don’t take their word for it — other legendary coaches like Mike Caro and Scott Clements headline the Beat the Pros section.

In their specific “Beat the Pros” strategy modules, Miller tackles C-betting at 6-max tables, Splitsuit takes on A-x in the same game. Hull’s contribution is on playing from middle position, and Little analyzes early- and middle-stage tiers of tournaments.


Our coaches would not be taking part in this if we didn’t think it absolutely ruled. We think APT is ahead of their time, and our coaches are proud to be a part of their platform on the ground level. No doubt more pros will be joining us, and many more players will be signing up to put the profit (and the fun) back into their games.

Go sign up for free now, try and beat one of our pros, and let us know what you think in the comments!