We have a lot of dads here among our Red Chipper community, so we wanted to do a public service for both them and their families. Here is a list of some poker-related gifts our crew hand-selected. They are sure to please any serious poker player, and you can take all the credit. Just remember to keep the poker face up.

Our wish list is broken down for both live game and online players:

Father’s Day Gifts for Live Poker Players

mclip (1)M-Clip Ultralight Slide V2 Anodized Money Clip ($79.85) – The annoying thing about many money clips is they wear out fast as poker players’ bankrolls ebb and flow. Poker players need a clip that’s built to accommodate those swings. Rather than getting them a cheesy, cheap ace of spades budget clip, we recommend spending a little to get something really fantastic and flexible. The M-Clip is a very popular option because it actually clips the money with a clip mechanism, as opposed to a bended piece of metal that will warp with time. It also comes in a dizzying array of colors.

pjournal (1)The Live Poker Player’s Journal – Black Edition ($19.99) – This book designed by Red Chip coach James “SplitSuit” Sweeney is meant to help players record their live hands for later analysis. By using this book, players can keep track of all the pertinent data in a live hand, so leaks can be patched and win rates can be boosted. It’s a simple but effective system to quickly jot a hand history down before the next hand is dealt. It’s small enough to be tucked into a bag or big pocket for casino trips.

pokerkubPokerkub Board Game ($44.00) – Scrabble for poker players? This somewhat obscure board game is a cool gift for live players who like games of all types, including poker. It’s accessible enough to be played by beginners, but folks who are already into poker will definitely have an edge. What better gift to give a dad than a poker board game that even kids can play along with? With support for up to four players, it’s a game even the whole family can play. If you’re looking for a unique and geeky gift, this is it.

dbut (1)Brybelly Double-Sided 3″ Casino Button ($8.99) – For cash game players that host home games, or just as a cool paperweight, decoration or souvenir, this dealer button is the closest you can get to the real thing without ordering from a casino supply store. Most of the buttons out there are small, plastic, consumer-grade crap. This is the button any respectable player deserves.

Father’s Day Gifts for Online Poker Players

eero (1)eero Home WiFi System ($499.00) – Online players are big fans of fast WiFi, and not getting disconnected. That’s where eero excels. It’s one of the most popular home routers for a reason — it just works. As anyone who’s fiddled with WiFi and devices to triangulate the optimal coverage knows, it’s much more fun just to plug something in and have magically fast download speeds. Serious online play means having a seriously good router.

pdiaries (1)Thinking Poker Diaries Book Series ($51.92) – Did you know you can gift Kindle eBooks to people on Amazon? They will email a link to download the book, and you will look like a gift-giving superstar because we’re going to give you a line on one of the best book collections for tournament players. Red Chip Coach Andrew Brokos is famous for making the final table of the WSOP main event over and over and over again. So it’s no surprise this is one of the highest-rated and most sought-after series for anyone who wants to dominate live tournaments.

pmugs (1)Insulated Stainless Steel Copper Plated Coffee or Beer Mug By Polar Mugs ($22.99) – This poker-themed drink vessel comes with a matching ace of spades bottle opener. After a long day of grinding poker tables, a tasty beverage is something many online players like to have within their reach. This modestly priced gift has the benefit of working for coffee, water, beer, or anything you throw at it. And adaptability is a key trait of a winning online player.

ppads (1)PokerPadz Mouse Pad ($9.99) – If you’re looking for a fun novelty gift, this poker-themed mousepad is pretty cool. It just puts you in the mood to play poker, and if you’re a poker player, that’s a very happy mood to be in. And this is a great way to at least trick your brain into thinking you’re playing poker when you actually have to use your computer for work. As slightly cheesy novelty gifts go, this one is pretty fun.

diploma (1)Online Poker Gambling Degree ($13.99) – Another hysterical gag gift for the online player that dropped out of college to pursue the online grind, this “diploma” will hang proudly by the computer. You never really graduate from the game of poker, but this diploma makes a fun talking point to answer “how did you become a professional poker player?”