Dr. Tricia Cardner and coach James “SplitSuit” Sweeney want to give you The Mental Advantage, a first-of-its-kind poker strategy video series focused on increasing your win rate by improving your mental faculties.

Mental-Advantage-Series-compressor To introduce you to these proven mental game concepts, Cardner and Sweeney are hosting a free webinar on the Red Chip Poker Twitch channel. Join us Saturday, April 25 at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern to learn why the mental advange is the “last poker edge”. Just follow us on Twitch and you’ll get a notice when the stream is live!

Before the webinar, you can submit your mental game-related questions via this survey page we set up. In addition to answering your specific questions, we’ll be summarizing some of the material from The Mental Advantage course such as:

  • Overcoming Mental Stumbling Blocks – Our minds can be our own worst enemy. A mental leak is the worst kind of leak, because it affects our entire game. We’ll teach you how to get out of your own way, and stop self-sabotaging your win rate.
  • Solving Tilt – If you never tilt, you might be a robot. Tilting is human nature. But you can overcome it, and we’ll show you unique cognitive behavioral strategies specifically designed for poker players.
  • Going Pro – Mental toughness is a prerequisite for going pro. Lack it, and you’re really deciding to go broke. We’ll show you the mental strategies pros use to deal with adversity and use rational thinking to make winning poker career decisions.
  • Learning Poker – Think you’ve learned poker? Think again. Poker learning is never done, it is an ongoing process. We’ll show you how to “learn better” with tried-and-true methods like goal setting, immediate feedback, weekly focus, immersion for total success, and more.
  • Developing Expertise – Understanding how your brain works is important to building a path towards poker professionalism. We’ll show you the psychological and cognitive edges you need to sharpen to win more.
  • Increasing Discipline – Do you have the will to persevere over variance? Do you have the awareness to change course when you’re on the wrong track? Do you have the habits of a winning poker player? We’ll help you answer these questions and more in our webinar.

We’re looking forward to a discussion that your bankroll will never forget. So, follow us on Twitch, submit your own questions, and tune in Saturday, April 25 at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern to upgrade your mental game forever!