April 2014. A historic month for us as we officially announced our first month of the PRO Membership. We launched, pretty nervously, on April 1st, 2014 with just 4 videos…and a full year later we now have 8 videos in the April 2015 PRO Membership!

While we are very forward-focused people, we wanted to take a moment to review the last year of Red Chip Poker just in case any historians want to start writing our memoirs lol. But seriously, thank you for being a part of the growth of the best poker community.

Our Most Popular Videos

6.5 Hours Of $2/$5
The complete video is available along with 4 others in the July 2014 PRO Archive.
Playing SCs
The complete video is available along with 8 others in the February 2015 PRO Archive.
Constructing Ranges
The complete video is available along with 5 others in the October 2014 PRO Archive.

Our Most Popular Articles

Most Discussed Content

Free Tools/Spreadsheets

Tools and software are an important piece of improving your poker strategy and becoming a more technical player. We’ve created some powerful tools over the last year to help you analyze spots and find out just how valuable certain plays are. Check out our new free fold equity calculator if you are looking to examine the value of shoving semi-bluffs!


Our Poker Forum

We officially released our poker forum over the summer, and the reception has been fantastic! Even though the forum is a slight pain in the butt (it’s a totally separate login system from your Membership login)…there’s been a ton of activity with great threads, questions, and responses being made everyday. Our coaches are in there answering questions daily, and more and more members are finding their way over to the forum to post hand questions and more.

If you haven’t already, create a forum account and join in the discussion!

Forum traffic since it launched over the summer

The Logo

On top of creating videos, articles, posting, and being social…we also take design very seriously. A clean design is vital when it comes to presenting material in a clear and powerful way. Our original logo was designed quickly and never actually had an ‘official’ style since we’d sometimes center the ‘Red Chip’ part, sometimes align it to the left, and sometimes just put it all on one line. It was a mess…which is why we spent a good month or so developing the new design you see on the right:

Retro RCP Logo
Best Of Red Chip Poker (Over Our 1st Year)

Original Red Chip Poker Logo

New Red Chip Poker Logo

What's Coming In Year Two?

We have a lot planned over the next year. We’ll be throwing a Red Chipper event during the WSOP, making much more content, and giving more value with everything we do. That being said, we’d love to hear what YOU want to see. Just leave a comment below and let us know what would help make poker more fun and more profitable for you.

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, for a little while, or if this is your first time meeting us…we really appreciate you spending time with us. Cheers for year 2…let’s make it a big one!

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  • Skors

    I’d love to see you bring on a PLO Pro.

    • Red Chip Poker

      We are working with a PLO coach as we speak and hopefully we’ll have a PLO video ready to go for May 1st =)