Our site saw an explosion of new strategy content this month. What’s more, there’s so much more on the way! In light of this avalanche of practical, profitable poker coaching content, we decided to summarize the latest additions to the Red Chip Poker site to make sure you don’t miss anything.

First Anniversary Party

April marked our official 1-year anniversary offering PRO membership to our valued Red Chip community. We celebrated with this article looking back at our most popular content since launching in 2014. Our most-trafficked articles, videos and discussions are all a click away, along with a sneak preview of what’s coming next.

Fold Equity Calculator

Don’t forget to try out our new Fold Equity Calculator. Get the definitive, mathematical answer to the question, “If you shove, how often does Villain need to fold?” We even made a video to explain how to use this tool to make the best decision in critical and/or difficult spots:

The Mental Advantage

Coaches Dr. Tricia Cardner and James “SplitSuit” Sweeney have teamed up for our most definitive take on developing a mental edge in poker. Cardner’s poker-specific psychological insight meets SplitSuit’s years of poker strategy coaching, and the result can only be described as profitable. This exclusive video series won’t just make you a better poker player, it can actually make you a better person. Learn more about The Mental Advantage >>

Red Chip Patches & Apparel

Poker-Patches-compressor-small You can now show your support for Red Chip with these custom-embroidered patches at just $5 for two patches. We think our community is building something special, and we want everyone to feel a part of the team! In addition to the patches, we launched an entire Red Chip apparel store with Spreadshirt, where you can get everything from hoodies to water bottles.

New Articles

If you’re headed to the WSOP this year, make sure to check out our article on preparing for the WSOP. And if you’re like many poker enthusiasts, you’re going to want to read “Why You Are Breaking Even At Poker”, your guiding light at the end of a flat-graph tunnel. There’s also great new content this month about when to call big bets, how to play at fishy tables, and how to record every hand of a live session… go PRO to get these all articles in advance.

Social Following Growing Fast

If you’re not following Red Chip on Twitter, you missed us recently celebrating our 5,000th follower. Unlike other poker strategy Twitter accounts, we try to keep our tweets strictly to news, info, media and discussion that will benefit your game. No filler. Same goes for all of our followers on the Red Chip Poker Facebook page, and our rapidly growing follower community on the official Red Chip Poker YouTube channel. Following us is game theory optimal, we guarantee!