Dozens of Red Chippers turned out to the Mirage poker room on June 9, 2017 for our third annual Red Chip Poker meetup, enjoying a day of schmoozing, swag, and most importantly, poker.

Each year our turnout grows and our setup gets nicer, this year the Mirage really went all-out in showing us the red carpet. We enjoyed a reception in a nice lounge area between the sportsbook and poker room, and after enjoying an endless pizza buffet and picking up some Red Chip Poker backpack and water bottle swag, it was time to get down to business.

The atmosphere was electric as 40 Red Chippers took over 4 tables in the back of the Mirage poker room. At least one coach was sitting at each table, with all the site’s founding coaches and authors — James “SplitSuit” Sweeney, Doug Hull, Ed Miller and Christian Soto representing with stacks on the felt. Impromptu live coaching was happening all over the place, and our members were absorbing and exchanging the poker knowledge hungrily.

After starting off with traditional $1/$2 NLHE, one table switched over to a NLHE/BIG O mix, while Christian Soto got the room to spread a $4/$8 mixed game.

These were not boring games with stacks being pushed back and forth. The all-in button was getting thrown down left and right. Stacks were repeatedly being pushed forward. Members were gunning for coaches, coaches were putting on a clinic, pros were going to battle with serious recreational players, and the up-and-comers got an education of a lifetime.

The games didn’t start breaking up until around dinnertime, and everyone cashing out, no matter what they were cashing out for, had a smile on their face.

We can’t wait to host our 4th annual meetup next year. Until then, thanks to everyone who came out to support our site, and to those who missed out, stay tuned for the next one.

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  • William Sheridan

    I enjoyed the meetup very much except for the lady that caught sets on me and I was too stubborn to give up my aces and kings! Never go broke on a pair is good advice which I failed to follow. Losing earlier to quad queens was just the way it goes. BTW how about the fact that in the few hours I played, my table had quads 3 times!

    • Ed

      further proof that live poker is rigged! 😉

    • James Sweeney

      I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself William!

  • Matt C

    Fun time and well organized as usual. Good idea on the scrapbook. Thanks again fellas.

    • James Sweeney

      You’re very welcome Matt, thanks for coming out!