Doug Hull has been grinding $1/$2 professionally in Las Vegas for years, and now he’s ready to share the ugly the truth about going pro. He’s seen the poker scene chew up and spit out ‘baby pros’ who come to town with a few buyins and a dream, and his message is “Beware.” His bottom line? If you have the skills to excel in poker, you can profit more by applying those skills to non-poker career pursuits, and then you might have the bankroll to retire early and play poker professionally like Hull does.

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  • Bob Smith

    The poor quality of Hull’s mic convinced me more than any of the commentary. This is unlistenable.

    • Kat Martin

      It sounded fine to me. When these interviews are conducted the person on the remote computer tends to sound a little less crisp than the person on which the recording is being made.

  • John

    i get the feeling he likes the game but doesn’t love it.

  • GuiGodoi

    I think this reality is different in poorer countries because the wage average is significant lower, especially because they have a weak coin. In Brazil, a employed engineer would expect something arround $1k for juniors and $2-3k for seniors, wich i guess is similar to a decent NL100 player .

    Sorry about my english, it’s not my first language and i’m not used to write, normally i just watch and read.

    • Kat Martin

      That’s an interesting point, particularly for countries that can still play internationally.