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1. Where is your original hometown, and where do you call home now?

Im from Fonthill, Ontario but I currently live in St. Catharines, Ontario.

2. Where specifically are we most likely to see you playing cards these days?

Mostly on Bodog at 200-600nl 6max or 100nl Zoom on PokerStars. I also occasionally play $2/$5 and $5/$10 at Fallsview Casino and other various WPT stops.

3. When and how did you start playing poker?

For whatever reason, I felt like downloading a free poker app on my brand new iPhone 3 back in 2010. I haven’t stopped playing since!

4. When and how did you decide to play poker professionally/seriously?

I have always taken competitive gaming seriously but i didn’t let poker become my Plan A until early 2015 when i felt ready to financially support myself.

5. What do you consider your proudest poker achievements?

Every time I considered quitting but never gave in. My hardest times in poker have supported the rest of my journey by showing me what I’m capable of. I have no flashy story to tell, but that’s the life of a cash game grinder.

6. When and how did you start coaching others?

I started coaching professionally in August of 2016. I’ve always loved business and considered
poker to be one. Coaching was the perfect outlet for me to approach from a business perspective
as I believe my biggest assets are my poker knowledge and my ability to explain those concepts.

7. What is your coaching specialty? Do you consider yourself a ‘specialist’ in any games?

I specialize in 6max cash game theory with a lot of experience in full ring as well. I feel I have a solid expertise in GTO strategies and theoretical concepts.

8. What is your goal in providing coaching through Red Chip Poker? What do you hope to achieve for our members?

I will look to bring my level of understanding and knowledge to players who find themselves stuck in one place or to those looking to make the next jump in skill. I hope to become a long-time coach at RCP with a solid database of produced videos.

9. Please share a coaching success story with us:

My biggest coaching successes come when my students move up that first stake level through coaching and realize how beneficial it is to get help from other players who have been in their situation before.

10. Do you have a professional career / background outside of poker? If so, please describe in brief.

I played Call of Duty 4 as a professional in 2007 through Major League Gaming, as well as a few PC FPS games at high levels of competition.

11. What are your favorite hobbies and pursuits outside of poker?

My main hobbies are hockey and airsoft which I play weekly, as well as the occasional PS4 or PC game.

12. Got any results to share?


Rapid Fire Fun Questions

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite starting hand: AA
Favorite poker room: PlayGround Poker
Last song you listened to: Race to the Bottom – Dan Mangan
Waffles or pancakes: Pancakes
Favorite drink: Vanilla Coke
Favorite thing to cook: Chicken Parm
Do you have a lucky object?: No
Favorite board game: Game of Thrones BG