May was another month of marked growth in our membership, and we added so much great content, we needed to do another monthly review so you didn’t miss anything. Without further ado:

Ed Miller Releases The Course

TC1-compressor The biggest news this month was the release of coach Ed Miller’s The Course. It’s a practical guide to ascending grinder stakes by building fundamentals into a winning strategy at 1/2, 2/5, and ultimately, 5/10. We did an in-depth interview with Miller to give you a insight into the book. We also published a featured review to give an even greater sneak peek into the profitable advice within. Pick up The Course in our bookstore.

New PRO Videos

Once again, we put out some great videos this month, click on the titles to see sneak peeks:

Don’t forget to go PRO now to download all of these videos before the end of May, and get June’s videos too!

+EV Articles

pokerrr This month, we discussed what makes an excellent poker player, knowing where your profit comes from, learning how to lose, and how to handle uncertainty in hand analysis. We finished up our series on HORSE with Eight or Better and Razz. We gave a great tip on how to build a juicy game. We geeked out with the Bayes Theorem and took a look at how to play Big O. And finally, we got meta with a video on how to learn more from poker videos.

On top of all that, we launched our member blogs area, where two of our most active PRO members are already pouring their poker hearts out. Enjoy the reads!


Finally, we’ll be representing at the WSOP in full force, including our first-ever Red Chip Poker WSOP member meet-up on May 28. Several of our coaches will be playing, so stay tuned to Red Chip Poker on Twitter and Facebook for announcements on deep runs.

And if you’re going to be playing in the WSOP this year, make sure to visit our archive of WSOP strategy content, and visit our store for great videos to help you crunch before game time. Good luck!