Poker Glossary

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There are currently 14 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.

Short for continuation bet, a postflop bet made by the player who had the lead on the previous street. Commonly this describes a flop bet made by the preflop aggressor.


A mechanism by which any player may request a player taking forever to act be given a limited amount of time to reach a decision. If a floorperson determines the request is reasonable, they will give the acting player a 60 second countdown after which the player's hand is declared dead.


A player who regularly calls bets with insufficient hand strength. Typically such players are also passive, rarely betting or raising. Also referred to as a "station."


A range that is lacking in the most premium or strongest holdings.


Holding a certain card, and thus knowing that your opponent cannot have that exact card, is less likely to have a card of the same rank and/or suit, and knowing that card will not be dealt on the board. See also "blocker".


Choosing not to bet when given the option.


When the in-position player is checked to on any postflop street and they check, they are said to have "checked behind" or "checked back".


Declining your option to bet, then raising when the option is avaiable because of action after your check.


Seven card stud variant in which the high hand splits the pot with the high spade in the hole. Can also be played lowball such that the low hand splits with the low spade in the hole. High-low variants are possible but silly.


Abbreviation. Cutoff. The position to the immediate right of the button.


The number of possible hands within a range. Informal abbreviation for "combinations". For example, the hand AA has six possible combos.


When the player in the small blind limps to match the big blind, as opposed to raising or folding.


An exquisite variant of Omaha in which players are dealt five cards each, immediately followed by the first community card. After a betting round, two additional community cards are dealt completing the traditional flop. Sometimes confused with Conchevelle: a shellfish soup popular in the late 19th century.


Abbreviation. Check-raise all in. (Sometimes XRAI.)