Poker Glossary

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There are currently 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.

1. A hand that is ineligible to win the pot because it has been fouled, mucked, or ruled ineligible by floor because of some other infraction.
2. Condition produced by frantically trying to attract the attention of the lone cocktail server in a 36-table poker room.


To bet into the aggressor of the previous street when they have position on you.


When a player bets two consecutive streets postflop. Most commonly this is when a player continuation bets the flop and then bets ("barrels") the turn.


A bet smaller than the one made on the previous street. Sometimes used colloquially to mean a bet smaller than typical in a given situation.


An extended period during which a player's winnings are below their personal average. Opposite of upswing. Poker players are far more likely to discuss their downswings than their upswings, supporting the view that most are masochists.