Poker Glossary

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There are currently 7 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.

A loose-aggressive player, one who generally raises with a wide range of hands.


To bet into the aggressor of the previous street from out of position. Also known as donk betting.


To out-think your opponent and lead them to believe something false. Comes from the concept that there are established levels of thought in poker and that you want to be one ahead of your opponent. Also can refer to each phase of a tournament, as blinds increase with each level.


When a player calls the big blind preflop as opposed to raising or folding. Once the pot has been opened (implying a a raise), limping is no longer possible.


A plan of action for a hand or the set of actions taken in a hand..


The lo-jack is the player to the right of the HJ.


Generally refers to live cash games starting at $1/$2 and going up to $2/$5. Online this refers to 25NL and 50NL.