Poker Glossary

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The effective stack, or effective stack size, is the smallest of the stacks involved in a pot. For example, if the turn is heads up and Greg has $75 while Julie has $920, the effective stack is $75.


Standard qualifying hand for the low pot in split-pot games. To qualify for the low pot a 5-card hand must consist of unpaired cards all of rank 8 or lower.


Early position, the first positions to act. In a full-ring game, EP refers to the first three positions. Thus EP1 is UTG, EP2 is UTG+1 and EP3 is UTG+2. (See also UTG.)


The expected chance a hand will win the pot at showdown.


The hand-versus-hand equity preflop averaged over all possible board run-outs. This is the number you see by the hole cards in televised poker. Example AhKh vs 6d6c has 48% hot/cold equity.


Short for expected value, this is the monetary value a hand or range has when factoring in how often it wins/loses and the magnitude of those wins/loses. You will often see +EV or -EV, an abbreviation of 'postive expected value' and 'negative expected value' respectively.


Take actions that win against the strategic errors opponents are making. Often used in contrast to Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Poker